The Trail Hut Story

“Want to buy a Pizza Hut?” read the subject line on the late night email

I discovered an intriguing listing searching the MLS after a day of enjoying the Hatfield McCoy trails: a vacant Pizza Hut building in Welch, WV.  The email I sent to my wife was intended to only be a conversation starter ... and my goodness, it sure did escalate from there.  Truth told, I could have never fathomed buying a Pizza Hut or spearheading a project like this.

McDowell County is beautiful; I knew that I needed a place of my own in the area.  Seeking high and low for a property that would fit my needs, I came up dry time and time again.  There simply wasn't anything available that met my needs.

What if I could take a building that created so many memories in the past and breathe new life into it?  Crazy idea, right?  I did what any sane person would do and submitted an offer to purchase.

This project was beyond difficult; much harder than anyone could have anticipated.  Only the roof structure and external brick could be saved from the original building.  Murphy's Law reared it's ugly head at every opportunity possible.  But every setback was taken as an opportunity for an upgrade.

It has taken 26 months to construct what I believe to be the absolute best facility in McDowell County.  None of this would have been possible without the help of my family devoting their weekends and vacation time to build Trail Hut.  I simply cannot convey enough gratitude to my two brothers Nick and Mike Thayer, my parents Norm and Nancy Thayer, and my wife Katie Thayer for the part they all played in making this a reality.

Welcome to Trail Hut, our Southern West Virginia home.

~ Jonathan Thayer, and the Thayer Family